Reds, Ports & Stickies

The red and dessert wine categories are where I made the most changes to our list for fall/winter 2016, almost everything changed with the exception of one wine.  That wine is the E-4 blend by Orin Swift which currently fills our Spanish slot in the BTG program. For our full bodied red I dropped Chappelet … Continue reading Reds, Ports & Stickies

Bubbles & Whites

Last week I shared with you that it is time to change the wine list for the fall and winter seasons and it is my responsibility to see it through.  After meeting with my boss, Aaron, he graciously allowed me to make changes to whatever wines I wanted with the exception of two, the Aruma … Continue reading Bubbles & Whites

Media People

When you work at one of the top rated hotels in Denver you tend to attract a fair amount of writers, bloggers, etc. that all want to come experience your hospitality first hand so they can share with the world how you interpret and deliver hospitality differently than anyone else.  That was the case this past week … Continue reading Media People